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Telecytology project St. Benedict´s Hospital in Ndanda/Tansania

Since April 2017, the Telecytologie in St. Benedict's Hospital in Ndanda / Tanzania is successfully used through the mediation of the pathologist Dr. med. With the help of financial aid from the German Order of Religious Conferences (DOK), we were able to acquire the necessary material and know-how for our missionary hospital in Ndanda. Compared to the histological examination, cytology offers the possibility of obtaining a provisional, sometimes even definitive, result in a short time (i.c., 1-2 days) with simple means. Since the histological processing of preparations involves considerable expenditure of material and requires a high degree of expertise, it is available in developing countries, such as in Tanzania not or only partially available. Here in Ndanda, the samples are therefore sent to Germany, which is associated with a loss of time of several weeks. With cytology, we can close this gap and promptly make a diagnosis and initiate therapy at low cost.

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