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Teaching on iPath

Pictures above: Examples of the presentation

Since January 2016 a weekly teaching session on iPath was established. It is a combination of a skype group call and an iPath presentation. Pathologists and pathology trainees from Cambodia, Afghanistan and Samoa are invited to the Sykpe group.

There are three different forms of teaching session:

- powerpoint presentation regarding a certain topic, e.g. uropathology., similar to a lecture in university.

- case discussion: routine cases, interesting cases or pitfalls are prepared and uploaded before the teaching session, during the teaching session the cases are discussed via skype.

- Quiz: Pictures and questions are uploaded on iPath, the trainees are invited to discuss the questions and write the answers.

The lessions take between 30 and 45 minutes.

If you are interested in establishing a teaching group or if you want to participate in the teaching, either as student or as teacher, please contact Dr. Nora Hinsch,

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