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Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT) course

In November 2015 a 3 years diploma course for laboratory technicians started in the Tansen School of Health Science. This course is now running with 29 students in 3rd year, 30 students in 2nd year and 30 students in 1st year. This course is recognized by CTEVT (Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training).

We have 6 full time teachers and 1 practical instructor, as well as 8 teachers on contract for specific subjects.

The CMLT course aim to be very practical. In our well equipped laboratories, each students can practice regularly what they learn in the theoretical classes. We also send them early during their second year to our hospital to be exposed to real laboratory work. During their third year they start to be of great help to the lab staff as they become better qualified. Our 3rd year students have a 6 months internship. During this period they have to cover all field of study and will be posted 5 months in our hospital, 1 months in a private hospital to be exposed to the private sector and different technologies. At the end of this practical phase they will come back to school to revise before their final exams. We are looking forward to having our first batch of students graduating this year.

For the CMLT team,


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