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How it works

Image 1: The image shows the necessary technical equipment

Image 2: The platform makes it possible to put images of any kind together with the necessary clinical information on the platform, which both are accessible around the world to other entitled persons. 

Image 3: The consultants can work in different groups: Communities related to a special institution and open groups for participants of several registered institutions 

Image 4: X-rays, ultrasound images, Computer tomograms, micro-photos from histological and cytological specimens, graphs and forms can be loaded on the iPath.

Image 5: The case discussions can held face to face or as a discussion in small rounds.

Image 6: Tumor boards etc. began to take place as teleconferences. The users have access to the cases prior to the meetings through their group membership. For the transmission of speech we use Skype, which works well in developing countries.

Image 7: Teaching saession

Image 8: The online presentations can be shown in small and large groups, and can also be used for self-study (where previously uploaded and discussed clinical cases can also become a valuable resource). Presentations can individually be set for public viewing (access for non-members). By integrating iPath into existing e-learning programs, even more potential uses for iPath can be exploited.

Image 9: Online-Presentation by Skype. Besides the web-interface, iPath has a feature-rich e-Mail interface, which can be a simple option on smartphones.

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