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Internship of cambodian pathologists-in-training in germany, sponsored by iPath

Since january, 25th, Ms Davy Lim is doing an internship in the pathology department of the health care center, Lukashospital Neuss in germany. Ms Lim is one of five young cambodian doctors, who started their training to become pathologists 3 years ago. So far the training was done in pathology labs in Phnom Penh, supervised by a local pathologist, who invited foreign experts to do workshops every few weeks. In addition a weekly skype conference was organized by iPath, during the conference special topics, pitfalls and difficult cases were discussed. The young doctors are now finishing their training, to expand their diagnostic skills they will do internships abroad. Two more cambodian doctors arrived in germany in march, sponsored by iPath, the other two doctors will go to japan and australia, respectively.

Ms Lim focused mainly on hematopathology and lymph node pathology and uropathology during her stay in germany and was also able to attend the yearly symposium of the international academy for pathology.

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