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In 2010, as part of the rebuilding of the Balch Regional Hospital, a laboratory for pathology and cytology was set up on behalf of GIZ in Masar e Sharif, which was one of the three laboratories operating in Afghanistan in 2010. It was made by dr. R. Rokai (histology) and dr. A. Sediqi (Cytology). At the same time a fine needle aspiration clinic was established. Due to considerable political difficulties at the state hospital, a private institute was founded in 2013 with the help of UKAID. Rokai was founded and set up with international donations. The private institute is currently replacing almost all the tasks of the state laboratory. Due to the recognized frequency of female breast gland tumors, which are currently insufficient or not treated in Afghanistan, Rokai set up a Family Health Hospital for female patients. In tumor conferences at intervals of 2 weeks, therapies with experts in tumor boards are discussed via IPath and Skype. The further development of the project depends on the political development of Afghanistan.

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