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Dear supporter


We would like to contact you with a request for financial support for the telemedicine platform

The telemedicine platform started in 1998 and is running since then. The platform was hosted in the beginning by the University of Basel, where it was also developed. After 10 years iPath moved to the company Basys Data GmbH in Basel. The company generoulsy provided the server space, the administrative and the IT support for years.

The company Basys Data GmbH in Basel. now has decided to limit its support to providing the technical operation and hosting of the platform, but to discontinue the admistration of the users and content of the platform.

Therefore a group of long-standing users and consultants started the non-profit limited liability company (gGmbH), to ensure the services of iPath in the future. This allows us to receive donations and to involve the users financially in the preservation of the platform.

To ensure that there is enough financial funding for the running costs and the development you will be asked for your help. with a donation.

Only with the contribution of all of you a continued service of iPath can be ensured in future.


The aim of this charitable company is as follows:


a) The provision and maintenance of the interdisciplinary web-based platform iPath for the promotion of  diagnostic science, research, and interdisciplinary exchange in medicine.

(b) supporting patient care in so-called medically underserved countries and underserved regions in developed countries, in particular through counseling;

(c) to support the training of medical staff in underserved and medically underserved regions in developed countries by means of electronic media and through placement abroad;

(2) The object of the company is the constitution of the articles of association. In doing so, the above mentioned statutes are realized in particular by the following activities:

a) The establishment and operation of a system-independent telemedicine platform for consultative and interdisciplinary case discussions.

b) the establishment of a consultation forum for physicians and partners in the medical field (pathologists, radiologists, dermatologists and physicians / scientists in other clinical subjects) working in medical facilities in so-called low income countries;

c) supporting the training of pathologists and clinicians in so-called low-income countries via electronic media;

d) the involvement of doctors and partners in the medical field from so-called low-income countries in international research programs and international societies;e) the placement of short-term visits for doctors from so-called low-income countries.



We kindly ask you to send the donation to the following account


Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG

IBAN: DE61 3006 0601 0007 0970 35





Thank you very much!

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